Squirrel Needs a Wife.

Squirrel needs a wife.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it’s quite simple. My Buddy Sean (Squirrel) Jackson needs a wife to become a Canadian Citizen. He love’s Canada so much and wants to stay here. You see, Squirrel comes from the land down under. Australia.  In fact he’s from Brisbane.

Please all you single lady’s, give my Squirrel some love. This is a plea for help. Sean needs love to! Lets talk about Squirrel for a sec, he works at Cobs Bakery (so there’s always bread) , he is a drummer, he LOVES to SNUGGLE! So all those cold Canadian nights when you need a man to hold you or vice versa, he is happy to hold you through out the night! He’s super funny (when you can understand him) and he likes beer! Thats about all I have.  Keep Sean Jackson in Canada!

Bring the boy to Canada forever.
Come on Lady’s, Help the Squirrel.

PS, please, no ugly girls!


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Greek Bath House’s

Greek bath house’s were so common in the old days, they were frequented quite often by men of higher statue. These men would enter into a room (different types of baths for different types of opinions) were a bath would be in the middle of the room, pay the service and relax. Some baths were strictly for bathing and some for sex. There were even some open aired rooms and some underground. Some were made for excessive drug inducing and some were made for healing. 

There are hot and cold bath house’s and some that are there just for the sole individual to enjoy by themselves.  In any case, why would anyone want to enter some of these bath houses? Some of them seem a little out of my range “if you know what I mean”. And than as you continue through this bloody blog, you start to ask yourself “what the HELL is Jamie

even talking about?” and thats when I say “this is for you Dar”. Which again means nothing to all three of my followers on my blog! But lets finish this on a high note. Greek Bath House’s are very very low on my list of hot tubs! But I will tell you what is high on my Hot Tub List (Besides a Hot Tub Tim Machine) Its the good old fashioned Canadian Hot Tub. Yeah, thats more like it.

Cheers.           Jamison.

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Beer, why is it so good, so desirable, so intoxicating? What makes you want to keep on drinking? When would be a good time to have a beer? Who should I have a beer with? Where will I end up drinking tonight? This is the true W5, who, what where, when and why? Tough choices easy answers! Who doesn’t love beer? I love beer! Its just so darn good! When I get home from a bad day at work, I would love to have a beer!

This note, this paradox upon paper, this epic article of excellence, is my love of beer that I have choose to share with you all. It is a love that has dawned most my life. And here I am about to share it all with you.

Invincible. That is what beer will do to you. You laugh, you dance, you think you can jump that long flight of stairs, you are invincible!! Plain and simple. See that hot chick over there that you would never hit on cause you think she’s to hot for you? Have more beer, you will be filled with all the courage you need!

Could you really go on without tasting this mug of happiness? Beer is actually made out of hops, barley and unicorns blood! It is magical! It will put a smile on your face everytime!! look upon it, its golden glow of awesomeness! Its radiating love from within! It solves all problems. How about beer goggles? WHAT! Never heard of them? Here let me explain! When your at a bar, party, social event or whatever, and you have drank so much, that even the hags turn hot. And it goes both ways for guys and girls! Sometimes its a good thing, but most the time it’s a bad thing! Especially if your buds see you walking off with such a catch (which you’ll never here the end). But sometimes you might get exactly what you want (as long as you get out early the next morning). Lets focus not on the beer goggle effect but that catch you got because you had the guts to say hey! Lets imagine shall we? Ah yes, my imagination is wonderful, kind of like beer!

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The Moustache, In Honour of Movember!!

The moustache has been around for along time, it is an iconic figure of the male face. A growth of hair under the MAN’S lip to tell apart the men from the boys!

moustache (American Englishmustache;[1] pronounced /məˈstɑːʃ/ in RP and /ˈmʌstæʃ/ in General American) is facial hair grown above the upper lip. It may or may not be accompanied by a beard, hair around the entire face.

Look up moustache inWiktionary, the free dictionary.

The word “moustache” derives from 16th century French moustache, which in turn is derived from the Italian mostaccio (14th century), dialectal mustaccio (16th century), from Medieval Latin mustacium (8th century), Medieval Greek moustakion (attested in the 9th century), which ultimately originates as a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek mustax (mustak-) “moustache”, probably derived from Hellenistic Greekmullon “lip”.[2] However, the Hindi word “moochh” for a moustache also bears a close resemblance.

Pazyryk felt artifact, ca. 300 BC. horseman with wonsal style moustache and partially shaved head.

This artifact above shows the first known picture of a MAN with a shaved face and a moustache. Here is a random list of other great moustaches in recent years.

Hulk Hogan, with his blonde handle bars made him a fearsome foe in and outside of the wrestling ring, watch out for that big boot and the ever crippling Leg Drop. Come on people, he was Thunder Lips for Christ sakes. Not to be out done by Hogan, he was an Private Eye hero from the 80’s. he was our man in Hawaii, he hung with Higgins, he was none other than Magnum PI. Who could ever forget the man with the Red Wheels? Weather he was hanging with Rick or T.C. he always sported that sweet stach! Go Magnum, your our number one Private Detective.

Lets knock off two sports figures over the years. How about baseball and hockey? How about Rollie Fingers and Lanny McDonald? Need I say more?

Yosimite Sam, yeah, I through him in here to mix up the pallet. But lets agree to um agree!!! He rocks! He should have killed that ass clown of a rabbit a long time ago. He should have eaten him and shit him out by now. And he should have killed off all those other WB charactors by now!
Wow, what a moustache one that fella. Moving on, Lets knock off a singer, a game show host and an artist in on sweet move. Here we have two with their 1970’s staches and another that catagorized a stach style, the Dali!! Robert Goulet and Alex Trebek, both iconic, both Canadian! Coincidence? Yes! But great staches! Think and full of moustache love! These fine gents could give any lucky lady a Earth shattering, orgasmic carpet ride!! As for Salvador Dali, well he couldn’t give the ride but he could put them in a trance and seduce them with the stroke of his brush! He was one crazy F@#ker! Look at his art if you don’t believe me! But, never the less, great stach!!!!

Lets talk movie’s for a moment. Who could ever forget Kurt Russell and Val Kilmers sweet staches in Tombstone? These men were badass and they knew it. What made them so badass you ask? We’ll, Im not gonna lie to you, it was their staches! Wyatt and Doc Rock!“Im your Huckleberry”

And finally, Im gonna exit this blog with a little family tribute. My Family. My Great Grandfather Russell Lambert Boyle. Here is an article from the Calgary Highlanders.

Lieutenant Colonel Russell Lambert Boyle

Russell Lambert Boyle was born in Port Colbourne, Ontario, on 29 October 1880.

On 7 June 1894, he enlisted in the Canadian Field Artillery and served continuously in the Militia from then until 1914, with the exception of his service in South Africa as a sergeant in the artillery.  He returned to Canada with a war wound, and three clasps to the Queen’s Medal.

He engaged in ranching near Crossfield, Alberta, emerging as a member of the school board and the municipal council.   He also became a major in the local Militia unit, the 15th Light Horse.  From May 1910, he commanded the Crossfield squadron of the unit, and passed the militia staff course and also gained a certificate from the School of Signalling.

Tall and mustachioed, Boyle was a fearsome figure.  He joined the battalion at Valcartier and took over after Lieutenant Colonel Rattray’s humiliation at the hands of Sir Sam Hughes.  Upon reaching England, Boyle drew up the battalion, took off his coat, and issued a challenge to his men.  Noting that some of the men on ship had said they wanted to “punch the hell” out of him, he told the men that anyone who would like to try was welcome to it, right then and there.  No one took him up on the offer.

Boyle led the battalion in their first action at Kitchener’s Wood, during the Second Battle of Ypres.   “We have been aching for a fight,” he told the men, “and now we are going to get it.”  The men were impressed by his courage.  during the initial attack into the wood, Boyle was among the first men hit by automatic weapons fire.   Major Ormond later recalled that “The colonel got five bullets from a machine-gun in his left groin – made a wonderful pattern of two and a half inches.”   He moved eventually to a hospital at Boulogne.  Fellow patient Lieutenant William Lowry – also hit at Kitchener’s Wood – remembered “We did not dream he would peg out.  He was always…talking of getting back to the regiment.”   Despite his optimism, Boyle died on 25 April 1915.

Note the Tall and Moustachioed referance! Those bullets were hits to the groin, mans most sacred spot on his body!! We’ll Cancer can do the same thing as those bullet, only slower and more painful. Let help fight this cancer by supporting your local Movember team. (here in Victoria its The Boys of Movember)  http://ca.movember.com/mospace/300464/

Remember the member! Fight Prostate Cancer! Movember!!

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TOP 10 RECORDS IN RECENT YEARS (top of my head)

Music, its what makes the world smile. I treasure as much music I can hear in my early years of my life as I can. I enjoy listening to new up and coming music more so than reaching into the past library of albums I already own. The thing about new music is that it always seems to reinvent itself. Now why am I trying to absorb music as much as possible? Its must likely because Im slowing going the way of the hard of hearing!! I was born half deaf (I can’t hear from my left ear) and everyday I say excuse me, or pardon, or what was that? Its the words i repeat all the time! Now, back to music. like I said, I love new music, and hear are my top 10 in recent years.  In no perticular order!

The National …. Boxer. Its a fantastic album, front to back. Two thumbs up.

Mumford and Sons …. Sign No More
I love the song The Cave, its a great song, good beat, and one hell of a music video. These guys are great!

How about this band, Muse …. the Resistance this album rocks straight through. Muse have put out many albums (all pretty decent) but it took the Resistance for the world to really notice, and so should you. The XX …. (self titled) What? Never heard of them? We’ll You should!
The album is so good. I can’t even remember why I bought this album, I think I saw it and took a chanceand it was worth it. Why don’t you take a chance.

How about Rilo Kiley? The album More Adventurous? This album will blow you away! The vocals and the writing  is sweet. Love the album 4 stars.

Broken Bells (self titled) Also so good, that dude from the Shins and Danger Mouse jamming together and this is what you get, a top notch album.

Gaslight Anthem (59 Sound) What a sweet sweet rock album.

3 More albums to go, and they are no way the top 3, just the last 3. and here we go the final 3.

Phoenix (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) Listen to it, you will agree. Who doesn’t love there up beat songs, there great sounds, and sweet synth? And besides, when was the last time something good has come out of France? Saw these guys in San Francisco, amazing! Fell in love with them the first time I heard them! Ted Leo and the Pharmacists …. (Shake the Sheets). When I hear Mr. Leo sing Me and Mia I get so pumped up. Only problem is, is that I never hear them anywhere else except my own CD’s, maybe the world needs to explore there albums a little more! Trust me, this album rocks!

And finally, lets leave this blog with a Canadian band (since Im Canadian). Tokyo Police Club …. (a Lesson in Crime) nuff said!!! And this concludes my list! I will keep listening until I can’t listen no more. Enjoy.       Jamison.

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Awesome, it is an inspiring word, lets talk about this word for a moment.

World English Dictionary
awesome (ˈɔːsəm) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— adj
1. inspiring or displaying awe
2. slang excellent or outstanding
3.            noun Jamison Boyle
The word awesome, is something we all should shoot for (though Im already there) but the rest of you should shoot for. It is a place of greatness a place of relaxation, and a place of awesome. There isn’t to many people or places or things that are awesome besides myself, but there is somethings. Ireland thats awesome, Pirates are awesome.Motivational Posters are Awesome, we’ll some are. Here are a few examples.

Yes, I agree, they are some sweet, AWESOME motivational posters. But what about the birth of Super heroes, we all know how are hero’s became hero’s. Peter Parker got bit by a spider and became Spiderman. Bruce Banner got radioactive and became the Hulk. Bruce Wayne’s parents got killed in front of his eyes and made him the hero he became …. Batman. But, but what about the birth of the Super Villian? Everyone knows that they all became Super Villians the same way …………..But what about the true Hero’s who are awesome, what about about people like Abe Lincoln, and Chris Jericho, Robin Hood, Fidel Castro and Chuck Norris?Now you might think that this blog is a little bunk, a little pointless, we’ll Im going to have to say NO. It has a major point, its AWESOME. And sometimes you have to just let everyone know how awesome things can be. Like take Starwars for example. It has been around for years, and it is still wicked, wait, thats not the word I was looking for, oh ya, AWESOME. Thats the perfect word! How awesome is Starwars? Here is an example.

How about women, they can be awesome.

Some of the greatest pairs of  awesomeness are upon women. Thank you God, your awesome.

And lets not forget about Pirates (yes I know I mentioned them already but their just so damn awesome I had to mention them again) Pirates do what they want to who they want. Poor Shrek, he was never the same again after that night! Poor, poor Shrek!! Okay I know that Im awesome, and I know that this Blog is Awesome, but what happens when your not awesome? How will you know? Who’s gonna tell you? I know who will tell you! The signs will tell you. Just look for them!!This was an awesome Blog, brought to you by Jamie, the King of Awesome.

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Ahh yes, Penthouse, everyone loves Penthouse. I have always thought about Penthouse all my life. And finally it happened, the Penthouse!Whoooo people, you have the wrong idea!! Im talking about the penthouse suite that Allie and I got. It was all about LUCK!!! Why luck? You may ask! We’ll lets go back a few days. Allie was at work, and one of her co workers had mentioned luck lines on the hand! She had told Allie that her luck lines were strong! Allie didn’t think anything of it at that point, but it was a focus later in the week! Wikipedia definition says about luck…. “The English noun luck appears comparatively late, during the 1480s, as a loan from Low German (Dutch or Frisian) luk, a short form ofgelucke (Middle High German gelücke). It likely entered English as a gambling term, and the context of gambling remains detectable in the word’s connotations; luck is a way of understanding a personal chance event.” Like heading over to Vancouver, for the day!!We, got to our hotel early. At around 12 noon. The front counter dude said that our home wasn’t ready (which we didn’t expect, but we wanted to leave our bags at the hotel and walk around without them) and that wait for it “we have upgraded you to the PENTHOUSE suite” Thats the Penthouse I was talking about!!! We stayed at the Century Plaza….. insert Picture here ….. Penthouse earns props. We were all the way up on the 30th floor. It was Legendary! We had 3 giant windows on one side and 1 window on the other. That window had a door that went out to our 0th floor deck. AWESOME! What else was there in our PENTHOUSE you ask? We’ll I’ll tell you. We had Big screen TV. Office, Shower with 2 heads and a steamer, and also a Jacuzi Tub! AWESOME! Such a nice room. I was more than happy with it. We even got roam service for breakfast! But lets not get to the next day already. Lets talk about the reason we went to vancouver in the first place. It was all about Jack Johnson!!


How about the Jack Johnson with the guitar……. this guy….He was AWESOME. First time I ever saw him and I would see him again and again and again. He opened with “You and Your Heart” and played my favorites like “Mudfootball”, “Bubbletoes” and covered “the Joker” Also did “Breakdown” with Zee Avi …

….. and he did (one of my all time favorite songs) Rodeo Clowns with G.Love ….Just an all amazing day, and I would like to let my girlfriend Allie know that I love her, I love her for taking me to something so wonderful like the flow of great music. Music is the greatest force on our planet and I got to share the experience with my girl. best Friday ever!!

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