The Small Things of Life!


A tiny sub-species of the human race. Mainly raised in midget mills, for the entertainment of normal people. Midgets in the wild are attracted to sugar packets, and if captured they serve many purposes, such as, midget butlers, wrestlers, and as collectables.
I bought sugar packets, so I can capture the coveted and rare asian midget to complete my collection. 

Midgets are by far the greatest gift God has bestowed upon this Earth. I truly love midgets. I know its not proper to label them midgets as they prefer to be called “little people” but I just can’t help it, midget just sounds super cool as well. And to say dwarf, well all I can think of than is Lord of the Rings and they are no axe swinging Gimli thats for sure!  And using the proper “little people” is to much of a mouth full, and it doesn’t sould cool like midget! So midget it is!! I once had a dream (well actually, many dreams)  of owning a midget and having him dress up for Halloween in matching outfits!

some of my favorite movie rolls have been played by midgets. Peter Dinklage is todays big midget man to watch, he is currently on TV’s Game of Thrones and has been in great movies like Elf and the Station Agent (one of my favorite movies). Than there’s other superstars out there like Kenny Baker. He’s freaking R2D2!! Therefore he is a SciFi God! Well done for a midget! Lets not forget Warwick Davis, um Willow people, also in Starwars and Harry Potter, plus he was the title charactor in Leprechan!! Sweet!! 


(A Humorous and Totally False Account of Midgets)


Why are midgets and dwarves so small?

They are miniature humans, not so tall.


With tiny legs and little arms

big heads and lots of charm.


One day the public will see

that a midget’s life is no jubilee.


People think that because of their height

that they can give midgets the sleight.


When will people realize

that they are ruining midget’s lives?


Midgets, petite they may be

are just the same as you and me.


They walk, run, sprint and crawl

even though they are not tall.


Midgets function as normal folk

but people fun at them poke.


But one day the midgets will rise

and to most it will be a surprise.

I do not know who wrote this but it wasn’t me, I do love it and secretly wish I had written it, I would brag about my awesome midget poem hourly!

I once saw a midget basketball game here in Victoria many moons ago. But the memories will forever stay embedded in my head of those midgets. I can’t tell you who I went with or what the score was, but I can tell you I remember the way they ran down the court dribblin the ball and making me love basketball even more! I want to say thanks to Farmer Pete and the gang for showing me what true entertainment was! Thanks again Canadian Halfpints for the show! That basketball game was one of the highlights of my night.Look at this couple, so damn cute and adorable. God was right to create midgets, and maybe one day I will get a midget friend, and I could hold him tight at night, and take him for a walk, he could be my drinking buddy, and maybe I’ll teach him to read. We could be bestest friends ever! Never stop dreaming people, never!!

Dear Midgets: Never Change! sincerely Jamison.


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Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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One Response to The Small Things of Life!

  1. Warwick Davis is the king of the midget actors. His line up is legendary. I leave you with this:

    “Try as they will, and try as they might, who steals me gold won’t live through the night.”

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