Emceeing a Wedding …. the Nerves!

August the 6th, Saturday! What does this date mean to me? It means happiness, anxiety, stress and worries and more! The happiness is brought on because two of my great friends are getting married and I couldn’t be more happier for them both. That leads me to the rest of my feelings! Because the two of them are such great friends, they asked me to be the Emcee of their wedding! Without even thinking about what goes into being an Emcee I blurting out a “YES”. Was it the right thing to say and do? That is the question you should ask yourself if your ever put into my situation! And the answer is of course is it was the right thing to say and do. If they felt that you were good enough to honour them at their most special day, than the answer clearly is yes! In actual fact Im a Co-Emcee, which you might think is an easy alteration than doing it yourself, but truly its not! Especially when your Co-Emcee lives in Quesnel and I live in Victoria (where the wedding is). I have to figure out what an Emcee’s duties are, make speeches, make jokes, meet people, gets stories, etc….! But because the couple to be is such great friends of mine, its all worth it in the end. I mean who could say “NO” to these two people?

Okay, a lot of people can say “NO” to these two people. But  the stress and anxiety and the worrying are nothing to fret about! Sure the eyes are going be on you, and have to be quick minded and witty! I already have my girlfriend tell me not to use her in any stories as she doesn’t like to be spotlighted! I told her okay! Where do my stories stem from? You have to look back in the past to pull your memories forward. Darren (the groom) I have many stories of him as I have known him a long time. And Teresa (the bride) i have some decent stories but the picking and choosing in slimmer as I haven’t known her as long. And even though she is my “NEMESIS” (which is retrospect, I have no idea when became “nemesis’s” (which is in all fun! (Brackets within Brackets … FUN).) but I still go with it!) So on August the 6th two of the best peeps I guy could have will become one! Mr and Mrs Nemesis!

Just incase your wondering why the Dr Funk cd on the left? Its the “Legends Night Club” name that Darren had as promotions manager! So I threw it down! Bam! Bottom line is that the happiness out weighs all the other emotions and that Darren and Teresa are going have the most extreme and adventurious married life anyone could possibly have! Thanks for all the good times and don’t forget about me now that your married and all! Many cheers and thoughts of awesomeness to the both of you, and I hope I can live up to your expectations in being your Emcee! 


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Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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One Response to Emceeing a Wedding …. the Nerves!

  1. Chris Whiteley says:

    Jimmy la Sainte you did a rad job of being the emcee (or even better M.C Jamison)

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