Rock Concert Posters!

This Blog isn’t so much a history lesson or a chat about this time, it’s about the visua

l! What I am referring to is the Rock Concert Poster! The first one I ever got was done by a famous West Coast Canadian named Bob Masse. He did a Donavon poster that just rocked! So without further ramblings, I will just post up some sweet posters.

I decided to start with this one since it is an oldie. You will see how far we have come!!

Already there is a nice verity of styles, from the red, white and black poster of the White Stripes, to dark QOTSA octopus to the cute octopus of Rufus!


Note the Bob Dylan is for Victoria BC.

And this is the end of the easiest and fun-est blog I have done, I just have a love for concert posters and I wanted to share some with you. We can call this Volume One as Im sure that I will be doing more blogs like this in the future! Cheers. Jamison.


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Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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One Response to Rock Concert Posters!

  1. James, I quite enjoyed the collection. Rock posters have always been a great source of inspiration for design work I do. I think a rock poster coffee table book would be rad.

    I do get sad sometimes while downtown and I see some really lame posters while waiting at crosswalks.

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