the Sooke Flowline

The Sooke Flowline is a concrete pipe the snakes through the Sooke Hills from Sooke Lake (north of the potholes) all the way to Humpback Reservoir. It is 44 KMS long and was constructed between 1911-1915. The pipes were 42 inches around and put together in sections. The pipe was always under constant repair with many things happening to it, from winter freezing (winter of 1916 was one of the worst in history) to pipes being holed to supply water for marijuana grow ops along side the pipe. The pipe was decommissioned in 1970 for Victoria’s residents, though Sooke residents used it right up until 2009 (their new pipes were pvc pipes that flow under the Galloping Goose Trail).

Today the pipe isn’t used for anything except hiking. Being 42 inch’s, its wide enough to hike along, even mountain bike on, except there is a lot of dead fall covering the pipe.

This is the first section of the trail, you can park your vehicle at Mt Wells Regional Park (at Humpback Res) there is a parking lot there and bathrooms (just a shitter, no sinks). The start of the Pipe is located on the west side of the reservoir (left if your facing it) and it flows along Humpback Rd.

Old picture left of the Flowline snaking through the Sooke Hills! Find this wonderful trail and explore it, you’ll be happy you did. 


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