Greek Bath House’s

Greek bath house’s were so common in the old days, they were frequented quite often by men of higher statue. These men would enter into a room (different types of baths for different types of opinions) were a bath would be in the middle of the room, pay the service and relax. Some baths were strictly for bathing and some for sex. There were even some open aired rooms and some underground. Some were made for excessive drug inducing and some were made for healing. 

There are hot and cold bath house’s and some that are there just for the sole individual to enjoy by themselves.  In any case, why would anyone want to enter some of these bath houses? Some of them seem a little out of my range “if you know what I mean”. And than as you continue through this bloody blog, you start to ask yourself “what the HELL is Jamie

even talking about?” and thats when I say “this is for you Dar”. Which again means nothing to all three of my followers on my blog! But lets finish this on a high note. Greek Bath House’s are very very low on my list of hot tubs! But I will tell you what is high on my Hot Tub List (Besides a Hot Tub Tim Machine) Its the good old fashioned Canadian Hot Tub. Yeah, thats more like it.

Cheers.           Jamison.


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One Response to Greek Bath House’s

  1. Dar says:

    ehehe…thanks Jamie. No cock pics tho 😦

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