Beer, why is it so good, so desirable, so intoxicating? What makes you want to keep on drinking? When would be a good time to have a beer? Who should I have a beer with? Where will I end up drinking tonight? This is the true W5, who, what where, when and why? Tough choices easy answers! Who doesn’t love beer? I love beer! Its just so darn good! When I get home from a bad day at work, I would love to have a beer!

This note, this paradox upon paper, this epic article of excellence, is my love of beer that I have choose to share with you all. It is a love that has dawned most my life. And here I am about to share it all with you.

Invincible. That is what beer will do to you. You laugh, you dance, you think you can jump that long flight of stairs, you are invincible!! Plain and simple. See that hot chick over there that you would never hit on cause you think she’s to hot for you? Have more beer, you will be filled with all the courage you need!

Could you really go on without tasting this mug of happiness? Beer is actually made out of hops, barley and unicorns blood! It is magical! It will put a smile on your face everytime!! look upon it, its golden glow of awesomeness! Its radiating love from within! It solves all problems. How about beer goggles? WHAT! Never heard of them? Here let me explain! When your at a bar, party, social event or whatever, and you have drank so much, that even the hags turn hot. And it goes both ways for guys and girls! Sometimes its a good thing, but most the time it’s a bad thing! Especially if your buds see you walking off with such a catch (which you’ll never here the end). But sometimes you might get exactly what you want (as long as you get out early the next morning). Lets focus not on the beer goggle effect but that catch you got because you had the guts to say hey! Lets imagine shall we? Ah yes, my imagination is wonderful, kind of like beer!

How about all the publicity from beer. Beerfest, a great American Movie. (pretty sure it won the oscar). That movie showed the love of beer and the love of beer games!




What about alcohol abuse? Im not talking about getting loser pissed and driving a car! (which has got to be the stupidest thing a human could do) Im talking about when you spill some of your beer, thats alcohol abuse! And I hate it! But what happens when you over abuse? What happens when you have gone to far? Im not even talking about spilling your whole beer, im talking about a crime even worse, im talking about something so horrible that it caused the Earth to open up  and shed its anger upon us. When ever something truly tragic happens to beer something truly tragic happens to our planet!
This “accident” caused the Hurricane Katrina! True story! Don’t mess with karma! Remember friends, huh, funny word that is ….. “friends” remember though, even “friends” will get the better of you if you get to drunk! 

Or you could do it to yourself!

Either way “friends” have fun with beer, it is the magical nectar of the Gods and the most wonderous liquid the world over. So if your having a hard time choosing a beer …………
Just pick your poison and explore the world of beer, you’ll be happy that you did. Just drink it down to the last drop, and remember leaving that drop behind is like leaving a child behind! Don’t do it. Have fun with Beer, and if you see me out and about, buy me a beer!

Cheers, Jamison!


About jamisonboyle

Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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