The Moustache, In Honour of Movember!!

The moustache has been around for along time, it is an iconic figure of the male face. A growth of hair under the MAN’S lip to tell apart the men from the boys!

moustache (American Englishmustache;[1] pronounced /məˈstɑːʃ/ in RP and /ˈmʌstæʃ/ in General American) is facial hair grown above the upper lip. It may or may not be accompanied by a beard, hair around the entire face.

Look up moustache inWiktionary, the free dictionary.

The word “moustache” derives from 16th century French moustache, which in turn is derived from the Italian mostaccio (14th century), dialectal mustaccio (16th century), from Medieval Latin mustacium (8th century), Medieval Greek moustakion (attested in the 9th century), which ultimately originates as a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek mustax (mustak-) “moustache”, probably derived from Hellenistic Greekmullon “lip”.[2] However, the Hindi word “moochh” for a moustache also bears a close resemblance.

Pazyryk felt artifact, ca. 300 BC. horseman with wonsal style moustache and partially shaved head.

This artifact above shows the first known picture of a MAN with a shaved face and a moustache. Here is a random list of other great moustaches in recent years.

Hulk Hogan, with his blonde handle bars made him a fearsome foe in and outside of the wrestling ring, watch out for that big boot and the ever crippling Leg Drop. Come on people, he was Thunder Lips for Christ sakes. Not to be out done by Hogan, he was an Private Eye hero from the 80’s. he was our man in Hawaii, he hung with Higgins, he was none other than Magnum PI. Who could ever forget the man with the Red Wheels? Weather he was hanging with Rick or T.C. he always sported that sweet stach! Go Magnum, your our number one Private Detective.

Lets knock off two sports figures over the years. How about baseball and hockey? How about Rollie Fingers and Lanny McDonald? Need I say more?

Yosimite Sam, yeah, I through him in here to mix up the pallet. But lets agree to um agree!!! He rocks! He should have killed that ass clown of a rabbit a long time ago. He should have eaten him and shit him out by now. And he should have killed off all those other WB charactors by now!
Wow, what a moustache one that fella. Moving on, Lets knock off a singer, a game show host and an artist in on sweet move. Here we have two with their 1970’s staches and another that catagorized a stach style, the Dali!! Robert Goulet and Alex Trebek, both iconic, both Canadian! Coincidence? Yes! But great staches! Think and full of moustache love! These fine gents could give any lucky lady a Earth shattering, orgasmic carpet ride!! As for Salvador Dali, well he couldn’t give the ride but he could put them in a trance and seduce them with the stroke of his brush! He was one crazy F@#ker! Look at his art if you don’t believe me! But, never the less, great stach!!!!

Lets talk movie’s for a moment. Who could ever forget Kurt Russell and Val Kilmers sweet staches in Tombstone? These men were badass and they knew it. What made them so badass you ask? We’ll, Im not gonna lie to you, it was their staches! Wyatt and Doc Rock!“Im your Huckleberry”

And finally, Im gonna exit this blog with a little family tribute. My Family. My Great Grandfather Russell Lambert Boyle. Here is an article from the Calgary Highlanders.

Lieutenant Colonel Russell Lambert Boyle

Russell Lambert Boyle was born in Port Colbourne, Ontario, on 29 October 1880.

On 7 June 1894, he enlisted in the Canadian Field Artillery and served continuously in the Militia from then until 1914, with the exception of his service in South Africa as a sergeant in the artillery.  He returned to Canada with a war wound, and three clasps to the Queen’s Medal.

He engaged in ranching near Crossfield, Alberta, emerging as a member of the school board and the municipal council.   He also became a major in the local Militia unit, the 15th Light Horse.  From May 1910, he commanded the Crossfield squadron of the unit, and passed the militia staff course and also gained a certificate from the School of Signalling.

Tall and mustachioed, Boyle was a fearsome figure.  He joined the battalion at Valcartier and took over after Lieutenant Colonel Rattray’s humiliation at the hands of Sir Sam Hughes.  Upon reaching England, Boyle drew up the battalion, took off his coat, and issued a challenge to his men.  Noting that some of the men on ship had said they wanted to “punch the hell” out of him, he told the men that anyone who would like to try was welcome to it, right then and there.  No one took him up on the offer.

Boyle led the battalion in their first action at Kitchener’s Wood, during the Second Battle of Ypres.   “We have been aching for a fight,” he told the men, “and now we are going to get it.”  The men were impressed by his courage.  during the initial attack into the wood, Boyle was among the first men hit by automatic weapons fire.   Major Ormond later recalled that “The colonel got five bullets from a machine-gun in his left groin – made a wonderful pattern of two and a half inches.”   He moved eventually to a hospital at Boulogne.  Fellow patient Lieutenant William Lowry – also hit at Kitchener’s Wood – remembered “We did not dream he would peg out.  He was always…talking of getting back to the regiment.”   Despite his optimism, Boyle died on 25 April 1915.

Note the Tall and Moustachioed referance! Those bullets were hits to the groin, mans most sacred spot on his body!! We’ll Cancer can do the same thing as those bullet, only slower and more painful. Let help fight this cancer by supporting your local Movember team. (here in Victoria its The Boys of Movember)

Remember the member! Fight Prostate Cancer! Movember!!


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