TOP 10 RECORDS IN RECENT YEARS (top of my head)

Music, its what makes the world smile. I treasure as much music I can hear in my early years of my life as I can. I enjoy listening to new up and coming music more so than reaching into the past library of albums I already own. The thing about new music is that it always seems to reinvent itself. Now why am I trying to absorb music as much as possible? Its must likely because Im slowing going the way of the hard of hearing!! I was born half deaf (I can’t hear from my left ear) and everyday I say excuse me, or pardon, or what was that? Its the words i repeat all the time! Now, back to music. like I said, I love new music, and hear are my top 10 in recent years.  In no perticular order!

The National …. Boxer. Its a fantastic album, front to back. Two thumbs up.

Mumford and Sons …. Sign No More
I love the song The Cave, its a great song, good beat, and one hell of a music video. These guys are great!

How about this band, Muse …. the Resistance this album rocks straight through. Muse have put out many albums (all pretty decent) but it took the Resistance for the world to really notice, and so should you. The XX …. (self titled) What? Never heard of them? We’ll You should!
The album is so good. I can’t even remember why I bought this album, I think I saw it and took a chanceand it was worth it. Why don’t you take a chance.

How about Rilo Kiley? The album More Adventurous? This album will blow you away! The vocals and the writing  is sweet. Love the album 4 stars.

Broken Bells (self titled) Also so good, that dude from the Shins and Danger Mouse jamming together and this is what you get, a top notch album.

Gaslight Anthem (59 Sound) What a sweet sweet rock album.

3 More albums to go, and they are no way the top 3, just the last 3. and here we go the final 3.

Phoenix (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) Listen to it, you will agree. Who doesn’t love there up beat songs, there great sounds, and sweet synth? And besides, when was the last time something good has come out of France? Saw these guys in San Francisco, amazing! Fell in love with them the first time I heard them! Ted Leo and the Pharmacists …. (Shake the Sheets). When I hear Mr. Leo sing Me and Mia I get so pumped up. Only problem is, is that I never hear them anywhere else except my own CD’s, maybe the world needs to explore there albums a little more! Trust me, this album rocks!

And finally, lets leave this blog with a Canadian band (since Im Canadian). Tokyo Police Club …. (a Lesson in Crime) nuff said!!! And this concludes my list! I will keep listening until I can’t listen no more. Enjoy.       Jamison.


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One Response to TOP 10 RECORDS IN RECENT YEARS (top of my head)

  1. great picks Jamie! Love most all the records you posted as well!

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