Awesome, it is an inspiring word, lets talk about this word for a moment.

World English Dictionary
awesome (ˈɔːsəm) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
— adj
1. inspiring or displaying awe
2. slang excellent or outstanding
3.            noun Jamison Boyle
The word awesome, is something we all should shoot for (though Im already there) but the rest of you should shoot for. It is a place of greatness a place of relaxation, and a place of awesome. There isn’t to many people or places or things that are awesome besides myself, but there is somethings. Ireland thats awesome, Pirates are awesome.Motivational Posters are Awesome, we’ll some are. Here are a few examples.

Yes, I agree, they are some sweet, AWESOME motivational posters. But what about the birth of Super heroes, we all know how are hero’s became hero’s. Peter Parker got bit by a spider and became Spiderman. Bruce Banner got radioactive and became the Hulk. Bruce Wayne’s parents got killed in front of his eyes and made him the hero he became …. Batman. But, but what about the birth of the Super Villian? Everyone knows that they all became Super Villians the same way …………..But what about the true Hero’s who are awesome, what about about people like Abe Lincoln, and Chris Jericho, Robin Hood, Fidel Castro and Chuck Norris?Now you might think that this blog is a little bunk, a little pointless, we’ll Im going to have to say NO. It has a major point, its AWESOME. And sometimes you have to just let everyone know how awesome things can be. Like take Starwars for example. It has been around for years, and it is still wicked, wait, thats not the word I was looking for, oh ya, AWESOME. Thats the perfect word! How awesome is Starwars? Here is an example.

How about women, they can be awesome.

Some of the greatest pairs of  awesomeness are upon women. Thank you God, your awesome.

And lets not forget about Pirates (yes I know I mentioned them already but their just so damn awesome I had to mention them again) Pirates do what they want to who they want. Poor Shrek, he was never the same again after that night! Poor, poor Shrek!! Okay I know that Im awesome, and I know that this Blog is Awesome, but what happens when your not awesome? How will you know? Who’s gonna tell you? I know who will tell you! The signs will tell you. Just look for them!!This was an awesome Blog, brought to you by Jamie, the King of Awesome.


About jamisonboyle

Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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2 Responses to AWESOME!

  1. Melody says:

    Jamie just finished reading your blog and it was truly awsome

  2. Kipp says:

    Where did you get the “Awesome Boobs” motivational poster? Because it is truly awesome

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