The First Blog of Jamison

The day started off like any other day, the sun was down the moon was high and the time was 1:00AM. I had woken up about 20 minutes before this moment and I was confused as ever! I didn’t even know how to turn off my alarm clock. It was completely a West Coast Incident! The music seemed to flow into my ear like an unbearable force of annoyance. I finally figured it out. Climbed out of bed, stubbed my toe, ran a comb across my head. All the sudden it started flowing like a Beatle. Left home and started my walking journey into town. I like to make a game out of it, I guess how many people I will see walking or biking the streets (before I hit Pandora) and than find out if Im right! Im never right! Get to work and start working, than things unravel, and so do I. Its not easy trying to figure the order of processing breads. The day seemed long, very very long. Like 13 hours long. And than I left and went home. Sometimes I feel as if I am living to work while I should be working to live!! Somethings got to give, cause Im about to lose it, break and crumble! Come home and to my surprise, 1 hour of How I Met Your Mother! Solid! So anyways, here I am Blogging, first blog ever! Lets keep it short and sweet! And the next BLOG will be wait for it ….. Legendary!!


About jamisonboyle

Just a guy with lots of random thoughts that he'd like to share with the world. Thoughts so Awesome, it could crack the internet. Read at your own risk!
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